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Journal Entry: Sun Jan 15, 2012, 6:15 AM

:iconsnazzyphotography: SnazzyPhotography

SnazzyPhotography - Photography of all sorts, HDR/darkroom, Photo-manipulation.
Purpose: to be a warm and friendly place for all photographer of different skill levels.
We are the home for everybody on dA, who's in love with photography, no matter if you're a beginner or the better semi-professional.

Featured Artists of the Month - Interviews

Featured Artist of December - :iconmiguel-santos: Miguel-Santos

1. Tell us something about =HMFS, the photographer?
:iconmiguel-santos: My love for photography is a classic tale of a kid finding beautiful vintage family photos and then wondering how they were done. Growing up in the 80s – when film was still cheaper than digital :noes: – I felt there was some magic to it. Later I learned that magic was called ‘art’ and anyone could have a go at it. It became my favourite hobby and working on graphics design and marketing has given me the opportunity to spend more time developing my skills and ‘magic’.

2. What is your greatest moment here on DeviantArt?
:iconmiguel-santos: I’ve actually know dA since it started and kept postponing my membership for whatever reasons – procrastination you say? :) Now that I’m here, it’s wonderful to read what people can interpret from my pictures. I had photos published in books and even had them in small exhibitions, but this kind of exposition is a whole different level for me. Amazingly, dA allows you to always find someone who enjoys your work and elevate it to potential art or beyond. That defies the rules, it’s deviant and I love it.
Plus, being bombarded with great inspiration every time I login is what the whole spirit of the Internet and sharing mean to me. :nod:

3. You have an amazing use of colour in your work, what is your secret?
:iconmiguel-santos: Lots of therapy to overcome my obsession for black & white photography! :lol: Seriously, it’s all about finding and/or experimenting with the right light and oftentimes the right moment – I learned the ‘moment’ can be a lot more important than the filters used, or whatever. I also like to experiment during post-processing in order to bring the shot closer to what I saw. It’s been this way since the beginning of photography and I believe secrets become outdated very fast. So, I rely on perseverance and experiment.

4. What is your ultimate goal, in relation to photography?
:iconmiguel-santos: To me, photography is about telling a story on a still frame. I love capturing brief moments of life and keep them as souvenirs, bits of stories that make my own. I want to continue learning about how to do that and end up with a nice collection of stories, if life permits.

5. Are there any other forms of art you would like to try out? Or have tried out already?
:iconmiguel-santos: I love drawing and worked in traditional animation for some time. I believe anybody can draw and I always encourage people to express themselves through drawings. Even though Time is my enemy, I still want to do more animation and try the 3D side of it too. Since I joined dA, I became very passionate about fractals, so that’s one more added to the list.

6. What is your inspiration?
:iconmiguel-santos: Honestly, I don’t really know. My mother’s photo album was something magical… and then there are so many names to mention. But above all that, the motion of Life and its randomness amazes me, scares me and inspires me. That might be it. :)

7. What does sunset mean to you?
:iconmiguel-santos: Primordial colors. And if I don’t have a camera with me, I just wish it’s an ugly and extremely boring one! ;p

Featured Artist of January - :iconhamidqureshi: HamidQureshi

1. You have a lot of diversity in your gallery. What would be your favourite type of photography?
:iconhamidqureshi: My favourite type of photography is Nature, object and emotive type.

2. What kind of tools do you use to capture those special moments?
:iconhamidqureshi: I have Canon EOS 500D with 50mm lens camera to capture things and i love it :)

3. Do you take your camera everywhere you go or do you plan your photo sessions ahead?
:iconhamidqureshi: Yes i take my camera everywhere i go to shot, and yes i have a plan to take some snowfall shot soon

4. When did you first start taking pictures?
:iconhamidqureshi: I was taking photograph since i was 20 now i have a better tool to shoot good photograph

5. What are your thoughts about SnazzyPhotography?
:iconhamidqureshi: :iconsnazzyphotography: give me boost really its the first group where i got featured, and i love it, Thank you!

6. What is a lesson in life which you would like to share with our members?
:iconhamidqureshi: I would like to tell a quote and this is the lesson i got in life that "Dream is not what you see in sleep, dream is the thing which does not let you sleep." go get it!

7. What do you like to do in your free time?
:iconhamidqureshi: In my free time i play games :D

Water & Music Fun Themed Challenges - News

Information and Rules can be found here: snazzyphotography.deviantart.c…

Update: The submission limit has been put on 3 for each challenge to motivate you all to send in your best! Also, these are the last challenges where you can send in old submissions. After these, you will have to really challenge yourself and take a photo especially for the :iconsnazzyphotography: Fun themed challenges.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland Contest

The deadline is 31st of January. Read about it here in the latest journal…

It's time for some Member Features!

Ice Crystals by nnIKOO Staring Sheep - Road to Ayr by Coigach Livingstonii by dampStamp Black Loathing by EnchantedCupcake

:thumb278686914: Street Parable by dukeofspade Lessons Along the Way by SoulofNovember lighthouse by mng182

:thumb278407660: Fire Weed by philippaopao cold morning by PhotoFrama A Splash of Life by InfuzedMedia

:thumb278735509: Pink Haze by AangelPhotos Rendez-Vous in Dreams by wchild Snowman by Iulian-dA-gallery

Drugged Drunk Drongos by EarthHart :thumb278900347: Ballett Spitze by scheinbar BELLE by Doucesse

Lagoon Memories by Miguel-Santos Flesh And The Power It Holds by CrowsReign Fatigue by babsartcreations

:thumb278406434: mirrors by 14th-division

Some work I recently found interesting

freshness from here by blondepassion :thumb260476346: :thumb245139060:

Autumn tree by NickKoutoulas One Rainy Day by mojab common kestrel by Tigina

Different Point of Views by mutos Untitled 70 by vibrakiller One Frosty Morning by MichaelJTopley

Thank you so much and show them your love, they all deserve it  :iconblushplz:

And of course: spread the :iconnewsplz: about this article and come on in and join us :iconplusfavplz:

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EnchantedCupcake Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012  Professional Photographer
Thanks for the feature!!
CrowsReign Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2012  Professional Photographer
what an amazing selection!!i think i have to fav them all!!!!i'm really proud to be a part of it!!!thanx!!!
Doucesse Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for featured " BELLE " ! :tighthug:
WolvenVisions Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you so much for featuring my work! This is awesome! :D
MaddLouise Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Nice features and interviews :) :clap:
Miguel-Santos Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012   Photographer
Thank you so much for the interview + feature. It's good fun and I really appreciate it.
Keep up this great spirit of community and love to you all! :hug:
HamidQureshi Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Its an honour and pleasure :) thank you! :iconsnazzyphotography:
AangelPhotos Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012  Professional Photographer
Thanks so much for including my photograph in this :D

:peace: :heart:
babsartcreations Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the feature :dance::heart:
blondepassion Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012
aww thanks a lot for the feature!! :heart:
scheinbar Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks so much
EarthHart Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Bright blessings for the feature m'deers, it's in good company :hug::ahoy:
George-kirk Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012
Thank you very much for including me:)
gnohz Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012  Professional Photographer
Great feature and interesting read about the interviews! Thanks lots! :wave:
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